Best DIY Rust Remover

Dr X has the most amazing line of cleaning products you will ever use. Dr X cleaning products includes a MARINE FIBER GLASS RUST CLEANER. Here at Dr X you can clean with fiber glass with ease! No messy hands, no strainuous elbow grease, no damage to fiber glass! Dr X Marine products removes BARNACLES. Barnacle Remover is a fantastic product. Its not like other products out there that cost an arm and a leg. Our stuff is cheap, easy to use, and fast acting. If you have BRASS parts that need cleaning, it cleans rust off of brass no problem!

DIY Marine Rust Remover

With our DIY Rust Remover or DIY Marine Rust Remover products you can get the job done hassle free. You don’t need to replace it, just remove the rust with our Marine Solution! Don’t just take our word for it, watch our videos. Check out our before and after pictures!

Dr X Saves You Money

When you need to have your boat or your things sand blasted, that can be very expensive. Not to mention other rust removing products out there can be expensive. They can also be a lot of work just to remove some rust, that probably will come back! Our product saves you money by working. It works very well without being too much work to do. Don’t spend money you don’t need too. You can save hundreds and even thousands using our rust removing product.

Dr X Rust Remover Cleans All Rust

Rust is a science to us. Rust can eat away at your metals, fiber glass, and more. Leaving rotted holes, ruining your projects, costing you a fortune. We understand that rust comes back as well. That’s why we made a product that gets deep into the rust pores to keep the rust gone. This is a miracle product.

Buy Dr X Rust Remover

It is better than anything you can buy at the auto store, marine store, boat store, whatever store you can find anything for rust. We are the BEST. We advise you to take a look at our videos before and after you purchase to help you understand how to use it. As well make sure it works the most effectively.